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Press releases

A Hungarian national was among those appointed as members of the supreme governing body of the European Technology and Innovation Platform [ETIP] on Deep Geothermal. Our country is represented by Péter Kovács, the strategic director of EU-FIRE Kft, in the first governing body of the platform. The European Technology and Innovation Platform [ETIP] on Deep Geothermal is a novelty, a new platform, the purpose of which is to support and represent the deep geothermal industrial sector´s interests with the formal recognition of the European Commission and in cooperation therewith in the European Union.

The European Commission is currently in contact with several ETIP platforms, the most recent of which is the organization involved in issues related to deep geothermal energy. The purpose of the platforms is to set out strategic ideas and suggestions, among others motivate the players of the sector and contribute to the future development policies for the fulfillment of the 10 energy strategy priorities of the EU`s 2020 programme. The establishment of ETIP on Deep Geothermal is an important step towards the European Union receiving significant financial support for the development of new generation electricity and heat production power plants, as well as the research of such technologies. In addition, it creates opportunities for ETIP to communicate their expert opinion, the industry´s standpoint towards the decision makers in Brussels.

„This is a great honor, which in part concerns our innovative domestic South Hungarian EGS project and also the domestic geothermal field in possession of significant expertise even at a European level. The recently established platform fulfills an intermediary role between the profession and the European Commission, provides an opportunity for direct contribution in order to increase awareness and recognition of the technology in the executive body of the European Union.” – emphasized Péter Kovács following his appointment, who, in addition to his role in the governing body will be active in two work groups as well.

„It was already a great honor that a representative of a Hungarian company was invited to participate as one of the nearly fifty founding members of the supreme governing body. That I was elected as a member of the supreme governing body creates an opportunity for being able to represent the interests of the Hungarian geothermal industrial sector more efficiently, at a higher level in Brussels. Consequently, information transmission will be expedited in both directions, hence the regulative side and the domestic players alike will be up-to-date on the latest EU decisions” – emphasized Péter Kovács.

About EU-FIRE Kft:

EU-FIRE Kft. founded its separate division specialized in the development of geothermal projects in 2006. The company has since been involved in the professional issues of geothermal project technologies, their legal and financial feasibility and the preparation of submissions to award procedures directed at the financing of developments. They have already completed district heating system projects in two towns; Makó and Csongrád, both are already in operation. In addition, the development of six project are in progress; in Mosonmagyaróvár their system is currently being implemented and the preparations are under way in Kecskemét as well as in Kiskunhalas. They are also planning to develop district heating systems in Eger, Sátoraljaújhely and Sárospatak.

On the „South Hungarian EGS power plant" NER300 demonstration project:

The development of the „South Hungarian EGS power plant" NER300 demonstration project is carried out and managed by EU-FIRE EGS Hungary Kft. The project aims to produce renewable electric and heat energy in Békés County, in the region of Mezőkovácsháza-Battonya with a power plant based on an artificial geothermal reservoir created at a great depth. In the company the Hungarian owned EU-FIRE Kft. with significant experience in the development of geothermal projects has a 95 % ownership ratio, the remaining 5 % belongs to Mannvit, the internationally renowned Icelandic expert of the exploitation of geothermal resources. The entire budget of the project is EUR 116 million (corresponding to approx. HUF 35931166982). The NER300 initiative of the European Commission awarded a grant amounting to altogether 39.3 million euros (corresponding to approx. HUF 12181372194) to the project. The geothermal power plant being constructed will have an electricity production capacity of 12 MW and heat energy production capacity of 60 megawatts.

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